Friendship is Witchcraft - "Read it and Sleep" (2)
Sherclop Pones
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Episode 2 

Synopsis: Rarity and Applejack are stranded at Twilight's house during a thunder storm. Twilight Sparkle to learn valuable lessons about friendship and magic. 

Jenny Nicholson = Applejack, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, and Bubble Pony 
Griffin Lewis = Yellow Pegasus, Carrot Pony, Princess Celestia 
Ashley Rits = Other intro ponies 

English: RobotChicken1 
Russian: Grue3 

Art of the Mattress lyrics: 
I am not 
Messing up the covers 
Sliding in 
So as not to wrinkle all the sheets 
Making sure the quilt stays nice and clean 
Have you even seen a bed so neat? 
I'm getting into bed 

Sleep sleep sleep 
Time to go to sleep now 
It is night 
And I need to sleep while it is dark 
I am really tired, time for sleep now 
Tired tired tired, sleep sleep sleep 
I'm getting into bed 

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Artist: Sherclop Pones
Video title: Friendship is Witchcraft - "Read it and Sleep" (2)
Category: Abridged
Views: 10,135
Submitted by: Spazz