Babs Seed: Literal Video Version
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Ever wish ponies just sang what was happening in the video? Well now they do, in this fourth installment of pony literal videos, Babs Seed by The Cutie Mark Crusaders! 

Female vocals and the lyrics are by yours truly. :)

Screaming Soda voice by HrothgarsOwn

My friend Kenny made the lyrics on-screen for me so you guys can have an HD video with pretty words at the bottom!

Based on a concept by Dustin McLean:

Now, I know this isn't Winter Wrap-Up, but that video is suffering from some major issues. I have lost a lot of the recordings I had for the chorus, so a TON of stuff has to be redone on it! It's still happening though. I'll make sure it of that.

Here are the lyrics:

Pop out one by one.
Our eyes glow in the dark
Sneak to the one place open this early.

Psycho cousin spies. May we please have three milkshakes?
Scoots and Sweetie are happy. Hey, I wanted a cherry.
Babs, go get a haircut. Those girls paid her to beat us up.
Well, here we go-AHH!
Now the tables turned on us.
Babs is a sorceress.

This is trippy.
Do you know where we are?
We run on some argyle seed wall.
I think we're safe and-HOLY CRAP!
We sprint, we skid. This must be voodoo.
While we run she only walks
And now we fall over the edge.
We hit the ground. They throw some food at us.

Laugh at our despair.
Her eye is not natural...
We gotta find the best seat possible.

Sneaking into movies, we know it isn't right.
But we don't have no money so we can't pay up tonight.
Subliminal Ads. Let's all go to the lobby.
She's in the movie? This show has really good 3D.
Gotta blow this joint.
She got the soda guy! (THE PAIN)

This is trippy-
Some crazy déjà vu.
We've gotta gallop for our lives.
We got away and-NOT AGAIN!
This clip repeats.
Guess fourth time's a charm.
Back on the stupid argyle wall.
Big surprise she made us fall.

Try to read. Dust in eyes.
Dress like three pigs, bad disguise.
Focus on us.
We're so distressed.
You can't cheer me up with drawn-on 'staches.

Running; this sucks.
That punk just splashed us!
We're all soaked up.
Shake the apple tree.
We be tripping-
Into the barn, we fling.

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Artist: Missbunniswan
Video title: Babs Seed: Literal Video Version
Category: Remix
Views: 3,439
Submitted by: Spazz