Rainbow Dash Presents: A Beautiful Day in Equestria
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Just a short one. Kind of a joke within a joke, if you will.

Lyrics to Auburn Lady:
Hey hello there, Auburn Lady
I was thinking you would maybe
Might you like to be my baby?
It's okay, I'm fine with waiting!

But if you are feeling sour
I could pick for you some flowers.
There's no point in being dour
You and I can pass the hours!

We could play a game together
Outside in the lovely weather!
I don't mind, my time's not tethered
By your side until you're better!

Life is lovely with a lover
Even when we cause you trouble.
We'll be happy with each other
Just forgive my tiny bumbles.

'Side from being slightly clumsy
Smiling makes my heart thump funny.
Butterflies dance in my tummy
Do you think you'd like to hug me?

I presume that you're so pretty
I can't stop but acting silly.
Everything you do is thrilling
Hark to you my heart is willing!

Let's go on a fun adventure
I'm an up and go go-getter!
Roam around in free-form dither
Never be a moment bitter.

I'll follow you to magic places!
Right behind you in your paces!
Snuggle in our sweet embraces
Dote upon each others' graces!

I like you from your head to toesies
I want nothing more than knowing
This is what I've been imploring
That you'll be right there before me.

Auburn Lady you're so special
Find your laughing face essential
Don't like to get existential
But it does seem providential!


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Artist: FiMFlamFilosophy
Video title: Rainbow Dash Presents: A Beautiful Day in Equestria
Category: Animation
Views: 4,147
Submitted by: Spazz