Bones and Skin
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This song was one of the first I put together using more self-designed rhythms and bass. Plenty of it is still pre-designed loops, but a fair amount is my doing too. However, it went through a lot of changes before it was done, from the vocals, to some of the words, to the music itself. Petirep had an entirely different version for reference!

Even after all that, something still bugs me about it, but I couldn't figure out what it was. Just needed something. I passed this thing around to a bunch of friends, some of them pretty good with music. Never did nail it down, though. It probably needed cowbell.

Also, lyrics:
Would you shut up for a second?

Would you get an education for a second?

Shut up! I'm tryin' to listen?

To what? All I hear is your horrendous mouth-breathing!

That! Hear it?

Bones, bones, bones, blood and-
Bones and skin and bones and blood and-

You've pretty eyes, yes you do!
Flesh and blood, I want it too!
I'll wear your body like a suit.
Watch out now I'm on the loose!

Try giving it a hug! Maybe your love will make it go away!

Helping, you ain't!

There's no hope for little ponies.
Dunwich Horror's got nothing on me!
Antediluvian tales of woe,
Trail behind wherever I go!
Give up now on your beliefs!
Your friend's soul's beyond reprieve!

Hear now, well, my proclamation!
This is your life's destination.
Surrender now, be eaten first.
At least you'll be spared from the worst!

What ya'll eying me for?


Don't you dare even think about it!

About what?

You're thinking about trippin -- oof!

Oh god, that didn't slow it down at all! And I am starting to get sweaty!

Terror's my preferred vocation.
Your life's slip bring me elation.
The old Great Race did fear my tread
So close your eyes, you'll soon be dead.


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  1. thelucusnon
    5 years, 11 months ago

    Creepy & catching... I want to have the song to play at a hunted house...

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Artist: FiMFlamFilosophy
Video title: Bones and Skin
Category: Animation
Views: 4,717
Submitted by: Spazz